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RE: INTERPRETERS, New Certification Law and W.C. Reform Law

 As just about everybody knows, the new W.C. Legislation is at best confusing and at worst concerning. Attorneys may end up filing product liability and other civil litigation claims in district courts in lieu of regular W.C. Cases. In cases involving foreign languages, victory or defeat will rest heavily on the competency and experience of the court interpreter.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court is currently in the process of implementing the Oklahoma Certified Interpreter Law. Effective August 1, 2014, all non State Certified Interpreters will have to be recorded during court proceedings.

By the Fall of 2014, all Court Interpreters will have to be accredited for AT LEAST provisional certification and, within 2 years, permanent certification if the applicant can pass a written and an oral exam. Those interpreters having certification from another state or federal certification will be grandfathered into the program, pursuant to statute.

For you, the Attorney, this will mean that you will need to be ready to hire someone experienced and State Certified to do your court hearings. LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES interpreters are very experienced in doing district court cases of all kinds, both civil and criminal, on a daily basis. Juan Morales is a federally certified interpreter and has over 30 years working with the legal industry.

LANGUAGE ASSOCIATES interpreters are covered under W.C. Insurance, general liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance. We have a statewide contract to provide interpreting and translations to all Oklahoma State Agencies. Language Associates does criminal cases just about every day for most counties in central and western Oklahoma.

Would you want to hire an interpreter and find out in court they have never interpreted in district court and be disqualified by the judge? Save your self time and money and call Language AssociatesScreen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.14.15 PM

To be ready for your next appearance in court where a certified interpreter will be required, call now to have an open credit account with us, Language Associates and be ready! We bill net 30 per job. We also make phone calls for our customers in many languages!

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